The single life at its breaking point

‘Can’t always judge a book by its’ cover’… I guess!… Maybe!

sexy-woman-reading-book-horizWith the book on it’s way,… finally, It’s beginning to dawn on me that I just may possibly be on to something. I was sitting here only yesterday with my best gal and we so happened to sit together through a quite painful piece of programming about online dating and it’s billion dolla’ market… Needless to say, lunch was totally ruined! Since when did ‘The list’ become an algorithm? Firstly, folks, the business analyst in me wanted to create a chart on just how many poor, lonely, desperate singles actually paid good money for a machine to predict their happiness but the author in me simply thought of this as agile marketing for my very soon-to-be published work.

If the idea behind meeting someone online through some dating site appeals to you only bc you can 1st run your preliminary criminal and credit background checks on them, (purposely setting yourself on some pedestal) you instantly become an oxy’moron’!… Some of the reasons the interviewees gave on this particular show for using such a venue for meeting people were as follows… “I only wanna date people who love horses”, “They must be well educated and highly successful”, i.e. (#MAJORMOOLA), “My cat has to like them”, “They have to be’inked-up'”, so on and so forth…

Well, wouldn’t it be awesome if we could all just put a phone booth in our bedroom, connect it to our computer and create some weird science?!?! *POOF*!   What do ya know?, The perfect specimen! Ultimately, we knew this was bullshit in 1985 so why would it be anything more than that now? Ladies n gents, all men are NOT assholes and douchebags and all gals are NOT gold-diggers and soul-stealers!!! Zip up your khakis, sign out of your personal online porn search and actually leave your house, go somewhere that people might be and act like you’re NOT a shallow, impersonal, unrealistic asshole, douchebag, gold-digger or soul-stealer and I’d be willing to bet my last bitcoin that you might find someone worth more than a quick e-flirt!……





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