The single life at its breaking point

Creative Differences!#@…


As with all relationships, there comes that time-tested and oh-so inevitable collision of wills we refer to as a crossroads!… This destined point of protraction wouldn’t hold so much weight in our dating lives were it not accountable for most of the abbreviated endings to once thought perfect perpetuations of romance and foreverness…… One may think that after a multitude of experience, trial and error, narrowing the field and even going against better judgement in conducting a P.I. qualifying background check that these may increase the likelihood of avoiding all the nuances of the ‘Big Dance’ only to find yourself circling right back around to that first marker in the road…

Truth is, folks,… it’s a mightily take-it-or-leave-it world full of non-committals and run-for-your-love-life pacifists that in all honestly, consider the internet a substantially standard means of operation when it comes to finding the next ‘perfect for right now’ soulmate… in other words, it’s easier to replace you than to actually put in the work to keep you!…


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