The single life at its breaking point

Gone girl!…

Man With Packed Suitcase Leaving Wife


perpetual motion

noun, Mechanics


the motion of a theoretical mechanism that, without any losses due to friction or other forms of dissipation of energy, would continue to operate indefinitely at the same rate without any external energy being applied to it.
We’ve all heard it! Probably one of the most widely used terms in science to describe just about everything!! ‘Things in motion, tend to stay in motion!’ The idea that something so ingrained in evidence could create so much objectivity in everyday thinking is what makes this concept such an anomaly. And why should dating be any different? Unrealistic expectations, overblown standards, selfish motives, greed, prestige… The dance has been over for hours! Any chance of giving it one last try to find that someone special has propelled itself into the lost facades of utopian fantasy and the better man usually never wins anymore!!!
   The subconscious has given weight to the new school philosophy of ‘money equals comfort and divorce is always a very “real” option!’ C,mon, man! Nobody truly believes in anything or anyone anymore and the only reason for waking up everyday is to check your iPhone for texts and facebook messages. Dating has been reduced to an inconvenience and long-term commitments are just too much work! If you’re of the Neanderthal varietal, as am I, then you probably hold out all of your false hope that the reality of life isn’t the reality of life… But, alas!… What you’re looking for, most likely no longer exists!!!
People are broken and while the term hero is used nowadays for just about anyone capable of climbing a ladder to save a cat, it won’t get you very far in a relationship anymore.
   Take my advice, Superman!… When you run into the next Lois Lane,…Save yourself!!!…………





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