The single life at its breaking point

Take a look at yourself!…


     A bad relationship is like adopting an adorable rescue puppy that was all hugs n kisses for the 1st few weeks but now just won’t stop shitting and pissing all over the house!…  Fellas!… How many times do we need to be drawn and quartered by some seemingly infallible, oblivious to the transgressions of dating, cutesy-faced gal that only ends up leading us back to where we started in the 1st place?!… The fact is, we ARE human and therefore prone to traits like trust, honesty, loyalty and commitment yet these same characteristics are the very ones that continually bring us to the mirror on the wall in staggering disbelief asking our self the same 2 questions,… “Who the fuck am I and why am I so stupid”?! “All the red flags were there, I saw them”!

And even after giving this thing a go and putting in a Herculean effort, nothing about this miserable journey has led us to believe that a ‘single’ cupid’s arrow might alter it’s trajectory and propel us into the next level of dating bliss! Aaanndd we stay!!! The love that we may have thought expounded itself into some transmorphic super nova has fizzled into a sparkler and hitch hiked home a long time ago and we’re a 12 pack deep on the front porch and eating snicker’s bars to keep our energy up so that we can consume as many as possible before we have to go inside with our ‘significant’ other!

I could string this post along and thus, all of you as well but I’m going to follow my best judgment for once and just let go!……….




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