The single life at its breaking point

Home is where the heart is!…




   No matter the measured amount of effort, grit, soil or sand we throw at it, some things are just simply outside of our wheelhouse! In this vast universe I lovingly refer to as ‘God’s Country’ nothing is an absolute certainty and that hard lesson comes all too often. Especially for the least prepared of us. Why is it then do we find ourselves shoveling shit over and over again praying for different results this next time? Or assuming the best when we know that everything is so unpredictable?

Human nature compels us to believe and push forward because we inherently need that motivation regardless of it’s source and without it, we’d just lay down in a field somewhere and wait for all things to return from whence they came…False hope is better than no hope at all, right?! Seems that we’re in an endless search for that connector that plugs us into the rest of society, hand in hand with our ‘better or worse’ half and we’ll stop at nothing to oblige our need for companionship.

The good news is that there’s a chance we WILL find that ‘missing link’ and systematically attach it to our eagerly anticipating emotional framework but the bad news is, there’s no guarantee it’ll stick!…………



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