The single life at its breaking point

`~Fair weather girlfriends~……


    After any sorta less-than-happy ending to a relationship, we have all found ourselves looking for a soft landing or even maybe another shoulder to bear some of the luggage but unfortunately more times than not life just gives us a swift kick in the jeans to remind us that all things, good or bad must come to a crash landing sooner or later!… We have re-visited every last would-a, could-a, should-a and what if, tapped into ancient Buddhism, compromised until it made us chronically nauseous and exposed our bleeding hearts on our sleeve until some kid came along and played mailbox baseball with it!

   What else might we do we redundantly still ask ourselves?!…For those of us that insist that love is somewhere out there hinging on the same learning curve that we are, all that is left to do is pack up our shit like the nomadic wanderers we are and follow what’s left of our once flourishing hope against hope. It gets to become all too easy to grow entangled inside someone else’s anguish of failed relationships and forget that we also have our share of mistrials and shortfalls. In easiest terms,…”Shit happens and we all got problems of our own”!

   Somehow, this concept gets lost in translation nowadays! The ‘Me, My & I’s’ have precluded any notions of actual intimate coexistence or ever-afters and just left us with nothing but reasons to keep movin’ on!……….




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