The single life at its breaking point

~Fuck me!…I’m famous!…

fame [feɪm]


1. the state of being widely known or recognized; renown; celebrity
-Suddenly you wake up and people that you’ve never seen before in your life recognize you n the girl that mercilessly rejected you in high school wants to have your babies!….. I was what some might consider popular back then if  for no other reason than everyone knew who I was but that shit’s ancient history n I currently kick ass!!!…
Double exposure!..
Right place, right time can seem like a dream come true for the average hobbyist but at this stage, it’s safe to say that I’m a bit beyond all that… Finding out that some random chik has viewed your FB pro 1,869 times is kinna cool til’ you start gettin’ called by ‘unavailable’ #’s, IM’d by gals that wanna know your sitch, stalked at Wal Mart n texted by exes that all seem to be on the same page as far as timing!!!
After I kindly explain that there’s a realistic chance for them to get photo-ops on my site, they still feel compelled to sext me pics n then play the oblivious role;… Then why ask me if you’re goin’a end up on 1 of my pages?! No gals have ended up completely exposed on here as of yet but don’t let that fool ya,……
Keep smilin’!…
Dreams of grandeur can often lead to completely delusional thinkin’ altogether! If you wake up & everything around you still looks the same, 1 of 2 things have happened… Either you’ve become everything you ever wanted to be or nothing that ever mattered…
All I know is that the more you tell someone that they don’t want or can’t have something, the more they want it!… It’s a simple law & 1 that cannot be changed bc it’s in our DNA. I’ve been just about everything I could be to women,… ‘Loyal boyfriend, A 1-night stand, The other man, Stand-in father, Friend w/ benefits, Booty-call & Sugar-daddy’ n lemme tell ya… It gets tiring tryna find a place to rest my weary neck!
Sometimes the world gives you exactly the life you want!… Jus be careful it doesn’t come with too high a price!… Mine did!
Last fuckin’ straw!
Doesn’t take a genius to figure out whether or not you’ve got what it takes to be a lover, not a fighter. Guess maybe I’m a lil’ of both n that’s why things get murky pretty quick in my love-life. Gotta admit, I’ve always given slightly too much, even to the chiks that didn’t deserve a 2nd nod n that’s bc I’m a good guy by design… Sure, alota gals aren’t worth the trip through the gutter but then again,… who am I to judge? I’ve got a knack for pickin’ rotten tomatoes n when the goin’ gets tough I tend to scare the shit outa the supposed ‘discretion’ but isn’t this whole thing all about overcomin’ the odds to find true love?!
I don’t abide by the mainstream rules, I can’t accept the idea that we all have a ‘type’ nor do I have the constitution to add sugary bullshit to a sitch that’s just run a bit further than expected so why should I express so much concern for the consequences?!…… Cuz I gota job to do n while I’m no quitter, the last gal reminded me that I should be extremely tireda  quaintly ridin’ off into the horizon but much too much of an asshole to let her jus get away with takin’ me for a ride!
I got gas money, bitch!!!
Higher Learning-
The 1st thing that caught my attention whilst I traversed the ever-so inane universe of dating and all that follows is the fact that most folks just simply don’t get it nor are they even tryin’ to find it!… the idea that things are attainable is plain hieroglyphic to most and I get exhausted from attempting to explain away their hesitancy. From infancy we are accustomed to following some hierarchy of authority and we just continue to roll with it throughout the rest of our life but for some of us there were always the questions… The ‘What-ifs’ and the ‘I shoulda-dids’.
Things don’t just happen for nothing… There’s reasoning behind everything and the sooner we begin to realize that not only do we NOT control every ‘single’ thing that happens in our lives and start to look toward the future the better off we’ll be… I promise!

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