The single life at its breaking point

~“`HERE, Kitty, Kitty!

Nope! I didn’t suddenly turn into a sex-driven vigilante in search of beautiful chiks in leather cat-costumes, (although that would be hot) jus wanted to share a few of the picturesque ‘Non-head’ shots of all the church-going, completely ‘Non-slutty’ , knew me less than a week n were literally head -over-heels ladies as I acquire them……..

Coming REAL soon!

The cat and the cradle:pics, pics n more pics! Stay tuned. Waitin’ for a usb to upload!

-Both of these chiks knew me for about a week when they sexted me these pics! I mean, really!? And now they’re pissed bc I refer to them as complete fuckin’ sluts! Welp, sluts!… How ’bout we let the world judge for themselves….

Introducing,… Missus D! Older gal, petite, obviously wet n totally ‘RFA’- Ready for action. AKA- ‘The cat’!

Please welcome,… Missus H! Young chik, a 20-something, smokin’ hot, pretty much has an open-door policy when it comes to sex. AKA- ‘The cradle’!

Gimme about 3-4 weeks to get these pics uploaded. Enjoy, peeps!

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