The single life at its breaking point


One more round in the Champagne Suite…

Granted, hangin out upstairs with a girl of interest in any gentleman’s club ALWAYS costs the few extra bucks one may have set aside for certain other things like…Rent, food or petro but how often is it that one can say they’ve done this?! I was back at it recently and can guarantee I had more fun than the guy that chose responsibility over the BEST way I have ever found to fall asleep………….In the lap of a gal faithful enough to stay there with you til she simply can’t any longer cuz her shift ended hours ago n she has to wake you cuz you have her legs in a triangle choke n her bf  is emitting steam out of his forehead over the fact that his gf is allowing this to happen even though she seems to like it and the manager has been overly patient with you!

Thanx, Christie’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Night at the Roxbury: If you can imagine for 1 moment that you were in Wonderland and the Cheshire cat was spittin’ politics at you while Alice was givin’ the Mad Hatter a lap dance and the Queen of Hearts was rubbin’ your sweet spot,… Welcome to my life! Granted, I don’t actually set out to make these things occur, they just do! Thanx for the genetics, Pops! I had the priv of makin’ a few rounds, (and havin’ a few) last eve when I realized that all eyes were on the drunk slobbering dude that got lost EVERYTIME on his way to take a piss! After finally relieving myself the 1st 2 or 3 times it dawned on me that I had 2 ladies by the pool table waitin’ on me to break, 3 more in the corner with my cam keepin’ my drinks warm, another seated parallel to my chair with her feet propped on it anticipating my rapid return and 1 more at the bar motioning me to sit with her…

I REALLY gotta start workin’ on my multi-tasking skills!!!

Table for 1!

I apologize for the brief hiatus but sometimes life has a lil’ somethin’ different in mind. Hopefully we move past all the bullshit but if not, just take a deep breath n hope for the best………. ‘Fuckin’ with ya’!!! See ya soon………………….

I aologize that it’s been so long since I updated this page, folks but I been busy:)!


Porn Star dancing:

Folks, I realize it’s been quite a while since I gave ya some peeks into the life n times so,…hmmmmmm…where to start?!

Back to the strip joint a couple weeks back n nothin’ much diff except yours truly meetin a diff gal, right?! Wrong! Gents, there’s a secret language that strippers speak, quite unfortunate most guys are too tongue tied to enunciate it. After about 2 hours of drunkenly starin’ at Misty’s, shhhhhh……. cleavage shall we say, it became radically apparent that she enjoyed my company much more than clockin’ those dollars as I had to actually shoo her back to her audience several times. By the end of this eve, I had too much of a conscience to take advantage of her naievety so after findin’ out she was only 22, I promptly left her with her thoughts, a 20 n a brb… When 1 door closes, another 1 opens… Thanx cosmos for the quick assist…

Nah, bro! She wasn’t a bitch,…she was a hooker!…











Bein’ aware of circumstance n consequence were the 2 initial qualifiers in the 1st chapter of my 1st website called ‘ The Art of the Approach’… A couple months back, I tried like Hell to explain this idea to a good friend of mine, ‘obv to no avail bc this kid is about as hard-headed as an ox’ but nonetheless I found myself dead-center stage in the middle of a not so magic show starrin’ my bro n sum random call-girl!

This guy felt compelled to ask me the same q’s over n over about this chik n when I gave him the answers it was like I was some sorta massive prick jus tryna rain on his parade. I explained to him in the very 1st place that she was either tryna use him for what may or may not be in his wallet or she or she was a workin’ gal. She seemed more interested in ‘Yours Truly’ anyway n when I rebuffed her for her much more appealing friend, the whole thing pretty much ended there for me,… for the time bein’…

Needless to say, I ran into ‘Miss-WTF-ever you are’ a few weeks later n not only had the sickenin’ pleasure of watchin’ her do her damn thang at the bar with some dumass willin’ to part with a lil’ cash but got some valuable info from some reliable sources that I was correct in my initial assessment of her…

After turnin’ down an opp at some parkin’ lot hooker sex with same said gal, I of course shot a text at my bro appraising him of the sitch. After he abruptly called me only to almost immediately hang up on me after hearin’ the bad news I realized 1 simple thing……

Some dudes are jus fuckin’ stupid n no matter how hard ya may try, ya’ can’t tell some people nothin’… Even if it’s in their best interest…

Mission ‘Illogical’-

Haven’t been to the strip club recently only bc believe it or not, 2 much of anything can get boring n Yours’ Truly has actually tried givin’ the long-term thing another shot… Obviously right between the eyes bc it’s workin’ out about as good as a J. Tim fling. I calmly explain to ladies that I’m ready to settle down n after they stop laughing hysterically they generally respond with a “Yea, right”! Is it realistic for me to even assume that I can find a better-half that isn’t dependant on meds, been fucked over by enough dudes to make them borderline undateable or not intimidated by a guy that has options?! 

Thing is that I offer the truth, (which btw, gents isn’t always the best of ideas) and not only do gals love to use my extensive dating resume’ against me but they put up an invisible fence right away which makes it almost impossible for me to get lift-off! I consistently field the question, “Maybe you’re looking for the wrong women”!… If that were the case, I’d only have a handful of types left to choose from! Like physically or mentally handicapped, less than 4 foot tall, previously employed as a sideshow attraction or doin’ time somewhere…

Maybe I’ll jus keep lookin’… Only been wearin’ glasses for a year now, maybe I’ll see somethin’ that I didn’t b4… Or maybe I won’t but as I’ve said over n over,…”I’m no quitter”!

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