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‘Captain sav-a-gal’…

No offense intended,… this is a cute kid. I am simply illustrating that innocence we all possessed at one time in our lives. I have some very fond memories that remain that way because of a period of blind naivety. Ya’ know,… the moments when one would toss their cape over a mud puddle for Lana Lang to walk over, or send Jimmy to Starbucks to grab her a triple Caramel Macchiato for the low low price of 12 bucks… Anywho, times have-a changed and not necessarily for the better. Romance in front of the fireplace with wine and candles is now just something our ancestors did and unless you are actually, somehow a Google tech specialist or forensic accountant with a promising 6 figure salary, society tells us that our ‘American Dream’ is something exclusively offered to the wealthy and the rest of us regular ‘Clarks’ don’t have much of a chance of saving anything……Especially money!

But as my readers have certainly figured out by now, my head is made of steel so it’s gonna take a lot more than an industry standard for me to give up.Not all of us, gents have the desire to live up to some disproportionate measure of worth for the sake of finding ‘miss’ prolly not worth the trouble anyway’. Don’t get me wrong, ladies! I have enough love in my heart for all of you but if my fortune is simply ‘hypothetical’ and that just doesn’t cut it for ya’, then please excuse me,……Gotta fly!!!